WITH FLYING COLORS – Tanja Pfaff – Exhibition

On Friday April 22nd this project was presented to the invited public at the Gallery Oberfett in Hamburg.

This project has been worked on for more than two years.

Colored flies magnified and presented hyper dimensionally.

Looking glasses, video installations and sound.

A short story wrapped up the fly experience.

Vibrant art that I witnessed and I´m happy to share some impressions with you.

Looking into the Fly World

A fly on the wall
These do look interesting

Got the fly

A fly world

Miniature Fly Oberfett Gallery

Christian introducing the idea to the audience

Listening to the fly story

The fly audience in awe

Better Take away some flies

Tanja Pfaff the artist

Asking the question „Was it fly enough?“

Staring at Flies

Thank you Tanja Pfaff for the fly experience
and Christian Pfaff for the  invitation.

Be sure to stay in touch with Oberfett






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