Bar Camp Hamburg 2014

At a Twitter offline meeting in Hamburg, called @affentreffen Caro and I got into a discussion about Hip Hop and music in general.  At some point during the evening I had the feeling we dominated the talk at the table a bit too much and she told me about the idea to have a session at the then upcoming Bar Camp 2014 in Hamburg about it.

With a blink of an eye I joined and we sealed the session partnership.

What is: „the love for music“?

 Streaming or buying music?

Perspective Consumer / Artist

We did some research on statistics about the state of the music industry in general and put them in front of the crowd to spark a discussion.

We aren’t claiming to know the path to solve this confusion in today’s music industry.

In fact we both presented quite different ways of consuming and buying our music.

Caro is using Spotify as her main source. Mainly as I understood to limit her spending and more so to have mobile access to music with no limits. While me being more traditional in a way, buying from iTunes, sometimes Bandcamp and if I can from the artists themselves at live shows.

I learned at the Bar Camp 2014 that there is still that „old school music lover“ out there who is buying an album and is listening to it for weeks through until he really knows it in and out.

On the other hand there are quite a few people who are enjoying making playlists on Spotify for all possible occasions. Some of them  are discovering new artists through Spotify and are following up with buying the albums either physically or digitally.

Most of people I talked to are pretty aware that they will loose all their playlists, once they’ll stop paying Spotify, while I am still struggling  with the task where to put all this Vinyl and if I should sell my CD collection or store it somewhere to have some space.

Of course I took some time to explain the hard work that an independent artist has to do these days. Not only does one have to produce the music and artwork, but also to finance all the means for being able to deliver a complete product.

Additionally an independent artist has to learn the means of social media to his advantage and use them for marketing the release.

I came to the conclusion that there is a diversity of consumer and artist ways out there.  Before I entered the session planing my mind was set in a more either or mode.

After doing the talk I am more at ease with the dangers of streaming, mostly because I heard from consumers that they are pretty aware about the drawbacks of that service and that they are still buying albums, maybe and that is my conclusion they are considering more sincere what to buy and what they only need to stream.

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Here you have the slides which are in German:


Bandcamp seems to be on the brink of introducing a new subscription service. It’s going to be an artist subscription. So you’ll pay a yearly fee which is set by the artist and you’ll get all the music and what else they offer for that subscription fee.

Sounds like a deal? Keep an eye on and look for your favorite artists.


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