Finally after years in the obscure underground. Skweee comes to light in a movie.
I call it the Scandinavian Funk. At parts like Minneapolis Funk, but different ;).

Here comes the full version of We Call It Skweee!!!
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-A film about music, people and scandinavia
by Iacopo Patierno and David Giese
„It’s basic elements, like love, dancing,
and sine-waves.“
-Eero Johannes
In early 2008, the Italian filmmaker Iacopo Patierno arrived in Stockholm to assist Erik
Gandini on his film „Videocracy“. While in Sweden he discovered the quirky scandinavian
electro style Skweee and befriended some of its practitioners.
Patierno became fascinated with the music as well as the
determination and individuality of the artists involved. Camera in hand, he decided to
follow some of the central Skweee artists for a year, starting in the functionalist Stockholm
suburbs, traversing the Baltic to Helsinki, and eventually tripping down to Barcelona’s
legendary Sonar festival, where eight Swedish and Finnish artists were invited to
represent the scene.
„The film is a foreigner’s view on a sub-culture
that in many ways mirrors what my understanding is
of what it means to be Scandinavian“,
says Patierno.
Participating artists: Randy Barracuda, Eero Johannes, Daniel Savio, Joxaren,
Pavan, Mesak, Rigas den Andre, S.L.A and others.

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