Schlagwort: hiphop hybrid

Marteria – Aliens feat. Teutilla (Official Video)

Marteria – Aliens feat. Teutilla (Official Video) Finally the video for the new Marteria single „Aliens“ feat. Teutilla. Smart to release the video within the first week to…

Broken Moon x NastyNasty

Broken Moon x NastyNasty The album is out on Saturate!Records now. Warning! It’s heavy, it has the bounce… They called it „weird bass“. Judge for yourself.  It’s free….

wheredidtheshrromsgo – TSURUDA

wheredidtheshrromsgo – TSURUDA This track has the amalgam sound of old school hiphop and bassmusic in my ears. If only I could rap I’d ask TSURUDA to produce…