Schwarzer Adler – The Movie

Some time ago I received the offer to help making a movie. It was one of those calls you’ll never forget in your life. Eric IQ Gray was on his way to his old hometown Hamburg.

Many ideas were thrown around about what this project should have been. Eric IQ Gray and Shortlord settled on a script about the daily hustle Shortlord was doing to survive as an artist. He is what you might call a Streetrapper. He is producing his Hip Hop  independently and is selling his records in the streets of Hamburg. Mainly in the city center at the „hustle spot“ in front of a church.

„Hip Hop isn’t naturally about major record companies“

That of course isn’t an easy task to do on a daily basis. But with no real ties to the record industry it is a way to survive as an artist whilst remaining independent and in control of his production.

So we filmed the movie and it took some time to get it all together. It sure may look like a piece of cake now, but rest assured, it wasn’t. It took a lot of energy, good and bad to make a movie with three big egos involved. So if you want to do it. Be prepared. I am thankful for what I have learned through that process and the next one will benefit from this experience.

„Ride or die“ isn’t the approach to make a movie

I thank you Eric IQ Gray for taking me on board first of all. And my deepest gratitude goes out to everybody who helped us during the shooting and afterwards. There have been some people in the mix of whom one could think that they tried to prevent this from happening. But like Kevin said in the movie „When there is a will there is a way“.


Schwarzer Adler  Der Film 

Starring and written by Shortlord

Directed by Eric IQ Gray & Crumblegg

feat. Flashmaster Ray, the OZM Gallery and Heimkind.


If you are interested in reading a background story about „the hustle“ in Hamburg, Shawty from got you covered.

Full Credits:

Schwarzer Adler The Movie
Produced by Eric IQ Gray & Shortlord


„Schwarzer Adler“ is the title of the short movie written by Shortlord the streetrapper from Hamburg who has been selling his music in the streets of Hamburg for years. The story will guide you through the daily hustle he is going through and show you some of the obstacles he has to deal with.


Isaac Febiri, Jozo Kristo, Flashmaster Ray, Dalila Adwoa Cha Ferrec, Mirjam Lenz, Haji Brown,
Friedericke Mischk, Heimkind, Cooky, Michel Shola AJiboye, Mmathabo Nuñez Lahera, Hendrique Queiroz, Kevin Anahid, Ayo Akin, Mr Candoo

Special thanks:

OZM Gallery, Raumschiff „LMN“, Tropical Point, Baby Cham, Talawah Sound

Executive Producers: Eric IQ Gray and Shortlord

Directors: Eric IQ Gray and Crumblegg

Script: Shortlord

Script Assistent: Crumblegg

Video edit: Chiliscote / VAM

Sound edit: Shortlord



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