Realness in music?

I have often read about claims that realness is needed in music recently, especially in rap and hiphop.

What is this being real? Aren’t those accused of being fake not real?

I think they are as real as the next rapper or musician. Only they are living in a different reality and perceive the so called „reality“ in a different way.

„Realness“ is no criteria of quality to me. There is no ownership to reality, because you could look at the same spot in life and perceive it in a totally different way?

Be like Rush - Keep it real.

So what is this claim about being real about?

Is it only real if one is telling true stories? Does one need to have experiences like selling drugs to qualify for realness? No. But if you are talking about topics it feels more authentic to the listener if you are experienced.

To me it’s simple. -> Tell your story and if it hits with people, fine. It will hit for many different reasons. Authenticity might be one. Clever marketing might be another one. Both are real to me.

If not then please leave out the real claim as to me it only makes a musician look like a beggar looking for coins.

Those who are fake, because they are telling made up stories will fall out of the game soon enough. Or the consumer will buy their „fake“ reality as a getaway from real life. And that is called entertainment, I guess.

Entertainment is legit and as real as everything else.

You don’t call moviemakers out for not being real, right?

Enjoy life


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