Prince x Hamburger Botschaft

Friday night marked 15 days after the untimely passing of Prince.

I had enough of grieving and decide to join the tribute at Hamburger Botschaft.

Digital Norman and DJ Lucky Charm played out the tunes and there were a lot of people of my age around and we were having a lot of fun dancing, humming, singing and chatting about the musician we all love.

Digital Norman

Digital Norman x Prince


He and I met through „Black Sweat“ in 2006. We both were frequent readers and writers on and he must have read that I had made this my ringtone and we knew that we were living in the same town.

So one day while standing at the cash register in a supermarket my phone rang and someone looked at me and called me by my nickname. That’s how we met.

Check him out playing this summer as part of the  Paradise Hippies a more ambient project.


Prince x Hamburger Botschaft

There have been some pretty prominent folks at the party and for a second I was going all paparazzi. But I decided not to publish them shots.


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