Imagine your an artist and you have a writers block. If you are an artist, you know what I am talking about.

Nothing musically comes out of your system. No matter what you do, how hard or soft you try. No matter what drugs you take ;), or how drunk you get. Nothing works. Your feel like your artistry is at stake and you have lost it all.

But wait, there is help. Money. Yes you can pay your way through. You didn’t know that? Now you do.

Alright I knew that I could ask writers for lyrics and I knew I could buy a beat. Or I could hire jam musicians who are expensive per day to tell them how I want them to play, like MJ did.

But this is a whole different ball game. Read how „Man Down“ by Rhianna got produced.

And what it took to get this out into the world and the effect of that. I call that crazy, sorry to be that frank. But  really, doesn’t she have anything to write about. Is her life really so boring?

And where is the potential for the record company? Rhianna looks cool, she knows how to move, sure and she can sing in the studio. I have to give that to her. I haven’t heard her live in concert yet.

But spending one million USD to bring a song into the world that basically does nothing, no impact seems to be kinda out of bounds.

Think about it, how many albums and campaigns for newcomers, self producers could have been financed with that. Who knows, maybe a real financial hit would have been among those authentic songs.

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