Will Coles is a renowned sculptor and Streetartist and has announced  a so called „Kickstarter for Germany“. He is up to something that will be placed in Hamburg, Germany most likely.

I met Will the first time in 2016 at one of the infamous Open House Thursdays at Oberfett in Hamburg Altona,  spinning records and enjoying Single Malt Whiskeys.

Mr. Will Coles – Sculptor and Street Artist

Later that year he had his first exhibition FOREIGN | BODY in Hamburg at Oberfett and spread his art in Hamburg. His famous skulls somehow ended up at almost every Streetart spot in Hamburg.

Fast forward to 2018 he is doing a Kickstarter campaign to fund his appearance at an Show in Chemnitz and a huge sculpture that he has planned out.

Kickstarter means you can choose between supporting the project with a few Euros or go for the items / perks.

I am a fan of Will’s work and hope you’ll support his mission.

Click here for->  Mr. Will Coles Kickstarter campaign and consider supporting his project.

Thank you very much.

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