Laas Unltd. x Kleiner Donner

The battle king, as he is being called here in Germany made his last gig of his Daemon tour happening at Kleiner Donner in Hamburg and I had a ticket.

What a pleasureful evening it came to be. Montez was warming up the crowd, the Kleiner Donner was packed, it was a hot night in town.

Montez x Kleiner Donner


Coincidently the team of Battle Ground Germany was on location shooting for their documentary of the battle rap scene.

Laas Unltd. is long known in the rap game in Germany.

He had lived for 10 years in Hamburg before moving to Berlin.

I got introduced to him by the famous hiphop photographer Pascal Kerouche back in 2011.

Laas Unltd. x Kleiner Donner

I haven’t been keen on the local rap scene for the longest, but that changed due to Laas Unltd. Why? Because I think he is real in what he is doing on stage. Honest and blessed with skills he can basically battle any german MC to the ground live on stage. To me battle rap is an important part of the Hip Hop culture. A rap battle is not a game or has been as I understand the culture. It’s a supplement for a fist fight or a gun shoot out. I only see three or four other german speaking MCs being a competition live on stage for him. So I had to go.

Laas Unltd. directing the crowd x Kleiner Donner

I asked him on the day of the concert if I  could take pictures and gladly he agreed.

Laas Unltd. in beast mode x Kleiner Donner

Laas Unltd. double rhyming and freestyling x Kleiner Donner




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