It’s been four years today

Four years ago that I started this project over at tumblr and Twitter. I wanted to express myself. Post pictures of street art I took once in a while. Get my lyrics out of my notebook. For nearly 20 years I have been writing little poems, made beats once in while, because music just makes me feel relaxed. It’s like a meditation to me.

It stayed on tumblr for quite some time. Life demanded my full attention at times, still I kept on posting. in 2012 the iPad came into my hands and I started to explore the possibilities at my finger tips.

I had kind of a traumatic experience with music production around 1990, when me and friends dedicated half a year into the production of single only find out that the publisher couldn’t cut the deal with the label that the project was aimed for.

Back then there was no way to „just“ put it out on iTunes within a day and we simply lacked the funds to do a dub plate and to be honest we had lost faith.

So it took me years to get in touch with my righteous love in life from a producers point of view again. I was more the observer, enjoying what others created. I have been invited to productions and got the first hand experience in the business side of things before the internet, iTunes, CD Baby and others changed it all together.

After 3 years of spontaneous blogging and tweeting I decided to make this website a permanent spot for my voyage through the musical world. My producing pace is still slow compared to others, at least what people get to hear.

I still face the challenge to get a track with vocals out of the studio, but I am working on it.

The next step is going to be a remix of a tune. It will be released. It is finished and mastered. I am working on the cover iterations when I got reminded today that it has been for years of an endeavour into this music universe once again.

Thank you for listening to the tracks I post and like, because I only put up stuff here I really like.

Stay tuned for the next four years and I am curious to see what it’ll become over time.

Let’s keep pushin out the creativity.



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