IN | BOX Kartonismus Björn von Schlippe – Oberfett

The second solo show at Oberfett in Hamburg took place on May 20th.

Björn von Schlippe mastered the art of carton during the last 25 years.

This time the approach was to hide most of the art in boxes. You had to peep in to find out what it is. You could even walk into a room full of art.

Even the gallery has been wrapped at part in carton.

That created a very warm atmosphere.

Some pieces seem to have been hidden because they are too sexy.

Look for yourself…

The artist greeting the first Guests

The place got packed pretty fast

A lot of boxes to dig in

You had to check this out. First time on display.



The fag after or in Between…

In the basement there are non-boxed pieces and some sketches

It’s like you see it and then you don’t see it…

A full head

He is in there

The big box was an attraction all around

The artist outside resting for a minute

The beauty of the evening made us enjoy the conversation outside
J Holler presented a few of his Raps, Impressive!
Two Pros acknowledging each other
We felt protected the whole time
Christian being content with the outcome of the show

So you feel like you need to see this in person? No problem.  Visit the Open House on Thursday May 26th. The artist will be present.


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