FOREIGN BODY – Will Coles x Oberfett

Back in February on a Thursday night Will Coles attended one of the Open House evenings and spun some records and enjoyed some very special Malt Whiskeys with Christian.

Later them two agreed to do a show after the current work visit of Will Coles in Hamburg was finalized.

The show started on Thursday the 2nd, but there was nothing to be seen.  All pieces where hidden from the visitors eyes. Some were already spread out in Hamburg at different locations. Some have been taken away already.

Nothing to see

Tension was in the air

The first sign of the show is to be found right outside Oberfett

The weather lured us all for the chatter outside

Will Coles ENJOYING the evening

Is it dead?

The green shoe has been placed where it’s needed the most

But before you said „Tschüß“ you had to be inside obviously

Some were enjoying  the hoopla from a distance at times

This greeted you at the entrance and I saw some stunned faces

Repetition is the mother of learning, right?!

Don’t pick this up!

Personal items left protected

Front and back covered?

The Most controversial piece sold fast
CIA Sniper of the year award 1963
Black money in gold

Art reflecting society

The beautiful weather made it possible  that the show never felt crowed, albeit around 250 people attended

Downstairs were some of the Oberfett treasures on display

Intense chatter about the show inside

Even more discussions about art, life and the local cultural state spun out of it

Publishers and editors of local media in talks with the head of Oberfett

Need some air?

Will Coles & Christian Pfaff


It was another magical night at Oberfett in Altona. Thanks to Will Coles who provided the eye candy and the sparks for intense conversations about the current state of art, society and the future.

If you want to see the show there is a possibility to do so this Thursday June 9th at Oberfett from 7PM on. The artist will be present.

See you around.

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