Dismaland — The Official Unofficial Film

Most likely the art exhibition of the year. And I guess that is an understatement.

Banksy doesn’t need any introduction and people with a sense for reflections of the world that we are living in will have met his body of work in one way or the other.

The focus is on the art, contrary to what is advised by some marketing and PR industry folks must be telling their clients who are mostly ending up on some strange tabloid blog and use that and some so called „beefs“ between peers to gain attention for their products.

Banksy is far from that point in the marketing machine. He is always focusing on the message. I heard from a friend who took the trip to the site, that is was overwhelming and at moments chilling to be in Dismaland.

My best interpretation from what I have seen so far from the exhibition is that Banksy just pinned us down in that relatively small space.

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