This is the last movie in the series about electronic music this week. It focuses more on the impact that the rave culture in the UK had on society and how it started and why people where „helping“ out friends with some stuff.

These days one can read quite frequently „Reclaim your city“ in Europe. That is what people were doing then after the economical downturn of the 80s. They took what was left unused und turned it into something completely different. This happened 20 years after the „Summer of Love“ and the first Acid movement in the US. This rave summer has been similar in some ways in the UK and all over Europe.

We don’t neglect the first Loveparade in 1989 in Berlin here. But this documentary is about the UK.

MDMA broke the barriers between people and then the wall came down, Nelson Mandela walked out of prison. All united under this new electronic music inspired by the Detroit scene and molded into something different in the UK.

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