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An original hand-made creation, built to stream music from Wi-Fi devices and play vinyl records.
Stained wood, brushed aluminum, and solid switches were staples of yesterday’s stereos. Today it’s connectivity and immediacy through wireless technology and mobile devices that define the most feature-rich music systems. Combine these notions and you get something that preserves the experience of vintage Hi-Fi audio gear while remaining practical and relevant today.
-Raspberry Pi works like an Apple Airplay to stream music over Wi-Fi from your mobile device or computer
-Parts from a 1978 Yamaha YP-D4 turntable to play vinyl recorsd
-5″ vintage CRT hacked into an oscilloscope to visualize waveforms
-Guts from a 1976 JVC SEA-10 Equalizer to tweak tones
-Auxiliary RCA audio inputs and outputs
-Active VU meters
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A huge part of the inspiration behind this project was of course music itself. Music that bridges eras, genres, and production techniques is what motivated me to build a device that embodies that same spirit. Music whose creation process was meant to be appreciated as much as the final product. Music that can only be heard fully when played loud.
It’s no secret that vinyl has risen in popularity in recent years, with many modern bands releasing limited edition LPs of their newest work. What really strikes me though are artists who embrace that same analog methodology through their entire production and recording process, but combine that vibe with modern ideas to create an incredibly powerful, unique sound. That’s the sound that inspired this project.
Lotus, Pretty Lights, Gramatik, Thievery Corporation, and Bonobo are some artists who kept me inspired throughout this project. Music in this video is by Pretty Lights.

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